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My Story

Hello fashion lovers my name is Shirley Chanel. I am a 5’11” girl from Toronto, Canada. Welcome to; a platform where tall women can unite, fashion lovers can express themselves, and most importantly a place for tall teenage girls to build the confidence needed to get through tough times. Growing up wasn’t the easiest thing because it was hard for the kids in my neighborhood and school to accept being taller. Some of the comments used to describe tall girls were giraffe, overgrown freaks, and long-legged weirdo. On class picture days, there was a lot of tension between tall girls and tall boys because the boys felt we were taking their rightful spot especially when the teachers centered us at the top row.

Albeit all the challenges, I still loved my height and every bit of it. I accepted my fate and made the best out of it. I never allowed petty comments from the others kids get to me because I always told myself “they wish they had my height.” Saying that to myself gave me the confidence I needed to accept and love my height. I even used my long legs to my advantage by competing in track and field starting at grade 3 and boy was I good. Essentially, I re-channeled the negative energy of others, and used it towards one of my greatest successes. I created to further this conversation; to provide tall women the opportunity to share resources to empower and mentor each other through fashion.

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